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"Iron Man 3" review

So I watched Iron Man 3, and this my review:

I don’t care what comic-book purists say, Iron Man 3 is a great cinematic experience.

Everything is not fine for Tony Stark (Stark) after the events of The Avengers. Besides the anxiety attacks, misdeeds from his past have come back to bite him in the ass. And when his friend and security chief Happy Hogan (Favreau) ends up pretty bad after an attack, Tony decides to threaten the guy responsible: The Mandarin (Kingsley), a didactic terrorist who likes to be evil on screen. That doesn’t turn out too good, but he’s Tony Stark and he’s a resilient fellow.

Also, Iron Man 3 starts with a voice over and it happens during Christmas time. That’s so Shane Black.

Black has definitely proved once more to be a great filmmaker and scriptwriter, giving fresh air to the franchise after not-that-good Iron Man 2. (READ MORE)

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