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Man of Steel is a very good origin story. Not great, but very good indeed.

It starts with Superman being born. Of course he was Kal-El back then. He is born as the incompetence of the leaders of Krypton has let it to its imminent destruction and in the middle of General Zod’s coup d’état. His parents spirit him away on a spaceship towards Earth with the hope that he can create a new Krypton and also help humankind better itself. Suddenly we have an adult Kal-El, or rather Clark Kent, doing good deeds and trying to keep a low profile. But now General Zod is here and plans to use Kal-El to create a new Krypton here on Earth by totally eradicating the humans. Our hero is not OK with that.

Henry Cavill did an adequate job as Superman. He certainly looked the part and, despite what some promo pictures showed, he looked kind-faced most of the time. Here we are shown Clark Kent as a good man, who struggles to control himself when confronted with the assholes of the world. But he manages even if he’s not above some non-bodily harmful revenge. He acted so very human and that was awesome. That’s all thanks to the Kents. Costner and Lane were excellent as Clark Kent’s parents, specially Costner talking to kid Clark about how he’s meant for greater things so he has to protect his secret until he’s ready. By the way, all of Clark’s backstory growing up is told in flashbacks, which was well done and interesting.

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In 2012, Marvel Comics gave us Marvel NOW!, a relaunch of several ongoing comic books. That means several comics restarted with a #1 issue. Amongst them was Young Avengers.

The story starts with Hawkeye, but not the Avenger; this Hawkeye is a teenage girl named Kate Bishop. Anyway, this Hawkeye wakes up on a spaceship after a one-night stand with a beautiful alien boy and decides she won’t feel guilty about it. Said beautiful alien boy is Noh-Varr, also a superhero, a hedonist and a bit of an Earth fanboy. And then Skrulls attack and Hawkeye is having the time of her life and recommends everyone should try being a superhero.

That’s a cool intro as any for a comicbook. But the story is not about them. Or rather not only about them. In New York, Hulking and Wiccan (or Teddy and Billy for friends) are having a discussion after Billy discovers Teddy hasn’t stopped heroing as they promised. Teddy points out, after a heart-wrenching confession that he fell in love with a superhero. Billy realizes he cannot change Teddy’s (or his own) nature and promises he will be the best boyfriend ever, and they kiss. Yes, they are freaking cute. And then Billy does something he shouldn’t have.

On a nearby diner, Kid Loki realizes there’s a disturbance in the (magical) force and goes stop what Billy is up to. Miss America Chavez appears to stop Kid Loki instead, because she trusts him as far as she can throw him. Which is a terrible expression in this case, because Miss America Chavez is flying superstrong interdimensional Latina. In the brief fight that ensues, Billy manages to finish his spell… and Teddy’s dead mother is here. Billy was browsing dimensions until he found her just seconds she’s about to die to bring her back to Teddy. There’s hugging and happiness… until it turns out this mother is not Teddy’s mother but actually an interdimensional parasite that wants Billy’s power.

And to aid itself, it controls parents’ minds, and brings dead parents back to life and also controls their minds. Yep, that’s something else. (READ MORE)

Part of the 2013 LGBT Blogathon.
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So I watched Star Trek Into Darkness, and this my review:

Star Trek Into Darkness is not as entirely original as its predecessor was, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less entertaining.

The movie starts right with some action, just like first one, even if it’s not that relevant to the main plot. It does show what the crew is doing now and show us exactly who they are and what motivates them. After that, we see villain John Harrison (Cumberbatch) for the first time, and his subsequent attacks on Starfleet become a personal matter to Kirk (Pine) et al. This will mean a persecutions, a reveal after reveal and throwbacks to a classic and beloved Star Trek movie.

Man, J.J. Abrams and the writers must be quite thick skinned because hardcore trekkies are going to flay them. Especially after that ending that felt a bit of a cop out. That said, the movie is so very enjoyable and action-packed. It barely slows downs, and when it does the actors can usually pull it through.

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So I watched Iron Man 3, and this my review:

I don’t care what comic-book purists say, Iron Man 3 is a great cinematic experience.

Everything is not fine for Tony Stark (Stark) after the events of The Avengers. Besides the anxiety attacks, misdeeds from his past have come back to bite him in the ass. And when his friend and security chief Happy Hogan (Favreau) ends up pretty bad after an attack, Tony decides to threaten the guy responsible: The Mandarin (Kingsley), a didactic terrorist who likes to be evil on screen. That doesn’t turn out too good, but he’s Tony Stark and he’s a resilient fellow.

Also, Iron Man 3 starts with a voice over and it happens during Christmas time. That’s so Shane Black.

Black has definitely proved once more to be a great filmmaker and scriptwriter, giving fresh air to the franchise after not-that-good Iron Man 2. (READ MORE)


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